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I am meeting up with this older guy on grinder but he doesn't know I am a virgin. I am really nervous about it is it okay to just tell him?

Also will it actually hurt to sit down or walk after getting anal. I've heard people at school say stuff like that. Do you think he will be mad for not telling him earlier. I didn't lie about it but I just didn't mention it. He said he can tell I'm mature for my age and really feel a connection with him. I don't want to disappoint him. 

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  • 5 months ago

    So let me get this straight. U met a guy thru a dating app and U are already considering taking your pants off? 

  • funny
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    5 months ago

    You are Virgin, you want to know about anal & you are in a school ! Great academic !

  • He sounds like a desperate guy looking for tail. Abort immediately, you’re better off not having sex with predators, just from what he’s said alone which is pretty standard for chumps luring younger girls

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I would read the signs, it seems that he only wants to have s*x with you. It's an older guy who says you're mature for your age, that is typically how they entice you

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