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How to know if a girl likes me more than friends?

Both in our mid 20's. We have been friends after meeting at work a while back but haven't seen each other in person in a while. She has gotten cuter with age. I have developed strong feelings for her after she randomly texted me one day in late March after the loss of a family member. We have texted and interacted on social media every day since, a good portion of most days too. She has wanted to see me naked, complemented me on my thing, said I'm cute/hot, always laughs at my jokes, and obviously just feels very comfortable talking to me. She texts me first often as well. Said I can buy her a drink when things open up. All the signs she is interested in relationship......but she won't agree to actually hang out with me. Hangs out with her girlfriends so she has time. Makes no sense to me. Only advice i have gotten is that she does like me but is nervous that what we have over the phone might be ruined in person but i dont know

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    I went through the same thing with my girl too before quarantine. A few hookups and openly being suggestive. She even offered I come along to a discounted suite at Hilton for Valentines Day, which we bought rosè and some bud. The thing is that she’s stated when brought up that she isn’t ready for a relationship with anyone, including me. Best case scenario that she just can’t commit out of fear. Other likely chance is she’s looking for a texting buddy for attention and/or fantasy, I’m not saying she is faking everything, but I don’t think she wants anything serious at least. Also since you haven’t met in person for most of your interactions, that’s also a red flag. Do you guys at least call or is it solely through text and social media. Calling is more personal and the most moderate choice during quarantine. I’d bring it up lightly when you both can be real for a moment that you like her and want to try something long term when this passes. Might be rough, but I’ve felt way better knowing something wasn’t going to work out than being led on without my knowledge

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    Take a thermometer & check her temperature !

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