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A black man got killed by police. let's steal tv's in his name?

where is the logic

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    Y'all obviously haven't read your history books. Rioting is how we change the world. Rioting has helped women vote, black people vote, it helped end segregation. Riots don't just "start". Riots come from ignoring protests. Riots come from repeated oppression, repeated murder. People of color have been dying at the hands of police for a long time. Police have been getting away with it, since the beginning. This is how change starts. This how revolutions start.

    What did conservative republicans think was going to happen when they kept blackballing protests from 2013 to now?

    "Why don't you protest peacefully" Because 1. You blackballed the previous protests Colin Kaepernick anyone and 2013 Black Lives Matter and 2. They tried it was met with tear gas, rubber bullets, and noise grenades by fellow cops who were triggered one of their 'boys' got caught.

    Get informed the Minneapolis people aren’t burning “properties.” They burned the police station and looted/burned Target b/c yesterday while they were PEACEFULLY protesting they were shot with rubber bullets and maced and TARGET following its headquarters directives (located there) wouldn’t sell the protesters milk for their eyes, AND they fully fund the police dept. Target is a billion dollar corporation that can rebuild tomorrow if they’d like, George Floyd would still be dead.Not to mention evidence shows that outside of the police station and Target the property destruction was caused by the Minnesota cops trying to make the rioters look bad.But it's nice you think inanimate objects from billion dollar corporations [Target] holds more value than human lives, sound familiar.

    Defend this:

    Most importantly justify all these unarmed and dead:

    Do you get it yet.


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    It is just an excuse to use his death for their theft. Sadly. But apparently it is okay to steal and then hate white people at the same time. 

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