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Mark makes easter eggs. Each egg contains 6 toffees,the toffees being selected from 3 different sorts. How many...?


different selections are possible if each egg must contain at least one toffee of each sort?

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  • 4 months ago

    Let's say the toffees are A, B, and C.

    The egg must have at least one toffee of each sort, so each egg looks like

    A B C X X X

    where X is one of A, B, or C.

    There are 3 choices for each X, and 3 X's, so that's 3*3*3 ways to do it.  There's your answer.

  • JJ
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    4 months ago

    Sorry, I started eating the eggs before I finished counting them. It lost track after 8, so it's at least that many.

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