How do we "demand justice" for the people who burned down and destroyed all of that property in MN?

 The death of George Floyd was CLEARLY WRONG!  Make no mistake about the intention of this question.  But if you judge ALL cops based on 4 bad ones, do you

A) Judge all black people based on the behavior of a few crazy protestors?B) Condone the behavior of the law breaking protesters who are demanding the laws be enforced?

I am not buying ANY "American System / Racism" Responses.  When Freddie Gray died in the back of the "paddy wagon" in Baltimore in 2015, and all the riots happened, 3 of the 6 cops were black, there was a black Police Chief, Black Mayor, >50% Black City Council, a Black US Attorney General, and a Black President.  That was the system when that happened.  It could not have been about RACE as the Mainscream Media would promote it.


"We" being people of all races.

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    4 months ago
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    We can't demand justice because the yellow bellied white people will never stand up for their own race.  If they do they are called racist.

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