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Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who befriended a hot vampire and then...?

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    They grew up together not leaving each others side. Until this wolf from another kingdom got eyes for the princess. 

    War broke out when she refused to marry the outsider wolf. When the princess died in the process by the hand of a lowly rival wolf named sir lowington. The Hot vampire and Prince Wolf Iluvtheprincesston worked together to defeat Sir Lowington and his gang of McDonald’s workers.

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    She got captured by the evil black knight, who held her prisoner in his massive fortress.  The heroic white knight was too old to rescue her alone, so he recruited a young farm boy who always dreamed of adventure.  They met a couple of swashbuckling pirates who offered to take them to the princess, in exchange for a modest fee.  Unfortunately, they were captured by the black knight and trapped in his fortress.  The old knight died aiding their escape, then everyone from the village destroyed the black knight's fortress.  Roll credits.

    The vampire stayed home, frosting his hair and doing his nails the whole time.

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    raped the vampire and got pregnant with nosferatu

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