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How to deal with these bad feelings and regrets?

My mind is killing me, my regrets and past are haunting me. I cant stop overthinking. Also, I am mad at myself because of my past. About everything I did and didn’t. I remember being mocked during high school by these 2 mean girls and I didnt do anything, I remember them once spitting on me and I didnt do anything! I wanted to hit them but I couldnt for some reason and I literally wanted to harm myself that night for being such a weak person who does not stand up for herself! They really deserved to be slapped at least! Stupid btches. They were really mean to me yet I didnt say anything. I am still mad at myself and hate myself for not taking any action, although time has passed since then. I cant forgive myself for not taking any action against these 2 mean girls! My whole life has been ruined because of them, my confidence, my mindset, my hope, MY LIFE.. like why dont people understand that other people have feelings and that they can ruin their life with their mean actions? I cant focus on my studies, I have so many problems. I am just too stressed and I dont know how to deal with everything that is going on in my life. I am all alone and lost. I have no one to share my problems with, so hopefully you guys can help me. I feel sad, bad, hopeless and lifeless, I feel no desire or passion to do anything. 😢 I feel like a waste of space and also I am feeling suicidal. I dont know how to continue living like this, it sucks. I am feeling so low in life right now. 😓

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