My only fans was rejected and i have no idea when i can next go back to work as i was a dancer ?! How else can i make money at home?? (uk)?

So my usual job is a dancer and i loooove it and its something i was great at so i thought ok i can get an only fans save for August rent that way but my application for some reason (it said due to ID however i provided all the ID needed?!!?) Was rejected and i of course being a 23 year old not knowing when my workplace will next be open i need work to be earning money ASAP!! can someone give me some ideas please on how to earn at home?! (Ps if any judgemental or close minded people want to comment  anything negative let me tell you i care ZERO Z E R O for any negative  comments i enjoyed my job and its that simple hahahaha)

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  • 1 month ago

    The only legitimate work at home jobs that I know of are Virtual Call Center jobs.  Basically, people work as customer service and customer supports reps but, instead of working in a call center, they work at home.

    Google "Virtual Call Center Jobs UK" if you are interested.

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