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Are you willing to cut your own hair and that of your family members if you have to?

Salons are announcing additional costs for fewer services, even asking you to wash your own hair. Do you feel it is safer anyway?

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    i already do cut my own hair, washing my own hair hardly sounds like a burden.. i never excepted life go just go back to 'normal' after the corona, i think plexiglass dividers and such are here to stay and new expectations like what you suggest will be the norm.  Yes i'm willing, doesn't sound too outrageous.

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  • If that's the way they have to do things for now, I'm all for keeping myself (and their staff) safer even if I have to pay additional costs. As long as they're upfront about it when I make an appointment. 

    I don't trust myself with scissors, cutting my own hair or other members of my families hair. 

    I haven't heard of that happening in my area yet and salons are supposed to open in 2-3 weeks. They have to make money to go to the cost of running their business, which has been put on hold for a few months. Hopefully the extra costs will eventually go away.

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