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Rescue dog becoming aggressive...?

I already was bit by him once. I ignored it while I thought it was an accident. But he chased out pizza mad and tried to bite him. Today I was trying to train him so he stops growling at people at the door, and he snapped and tried biting me and it became almost a fight between me and him. He almost snapped, it felt like he wasnt my dog anymore. He kept comming at me as I tried to calm him down. I never hit him when training. Im very patient. I train him with treats. He is a rescue. What in the world has gotten into him? Iv had him for 5 months now and hes now starting to act so aggressive. He was so sweet when we first got him. He was sooo patient when it came to training. He keeps snapping. Whats going on? He is 4.


I was training him to sit and stay. And he kept getting up, so i was about to touch his back when he tried to bit me, i thought he was playing cus hes rough at playing so I tried touching his back again but he started trying to bit me so as stood up he continued to jump growl and bark and try to bite my hands . It was like a different dog. 

Update 2:

I use that type of reinforcement, I pet him when he looks like hes getting inpatient

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    There may be a medical reason behind this.  He could be in pain & you not know it or how much pain.  When there is a sudden change in behavior, out of the blue, it could be a medical issue behind it.  He needs a Vet checkup.

    It could be a breed thing but you never said what he is.  Don't know if we are talking about a big dor or a little dog.  we don't know how he is around other dogs, dog on dog aggression? or if he is fine around other dogs.  Lots of things come into play when aggression becomes an issue.

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    Probably the dog has very little respect for you and is now starting to assert dominance tactics in all  areas, including trying to defend his territory against visitors. eg: mailman,  pizza man.

    Also sometimes it can take a rescue dog up to 6 months before its true character shows.

    YOU need to learn howto be the dogs leader. 

    Start here:

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    You need to have a strong tone of voice  ( not mean but stern) and to not show any bit of fear. If you can when he does that try and get him into his cage (if you can without getting bitten) or scold him verbally say,” No Fluffy that is bad, go lay down “... then Ignore him to prove you’re upset with him.. no eye contact and no petting him. 

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