What's the name of the anime?

Please help me to find the name of an Japanese animation (movie or series) where there's a girl and she went to travel by train with some of her friends. At that period, there are some cities around the world being attacked by some sort of beasts, monsters or demons. In a kind of desert, she meets a guy who was feared for being hybrid (half-human, half-creature). Then her group helps him and he becomes an important ally for fighting the monsters. The hybrid guy and the girl fall in love with each other. But there's one moment when the power of the guy went out of control and when the girl calms him down, she told him something that he can't remember, he just remember she moving her lips. When he realized, the girl wasn't there anymore, she went to fight the enemy.  She was fighting inside a gear/machine that had a sort of thorn connected to her heart for working properly. But she wasn't going to resist and then the hybrid guy appeared and shared that machine with her and the thorn was connected to both of their hearts. With the combined power, they overcame this villain, but as the girl was human, she dies in the end. And when she dies the guy remembered what she said the other day, that she loves him.

It's not: Zetman, Chrono Crusade, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, InuYasha or Shinzo

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