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Did I do something wrong here?

I have a very rough drawing of this situation.

Today, I was the purple car. I was about 6 cars back waiting at a red light. There is a gas station on the left and to turn out, people can either turn right or turn left across multiple lanes of traffic. When I pulled up to the line, I ended up kind of blocking people from being aboe to turn right from the gas station and someone honked at me.

I had been coming straight up the road and didn't know they were waiting to turn and it's not like I could move anywhere else. What else could I have done to allow people to turn out? Or do they just have to wait until the line clears?

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    A car already on the street has right-of-way over a car trying to turn onto the street.  So, legally at least, you were within your rights.

    OTOH the guy waiting to turn out of the gas station might have been waiting for a couple of minutes to find a hole in traffic big enough to turn into.  He finally sees an opening and you come along and block it.  I can see why he honked.  But you didn't see him because he wasn't ON the street, just trying to get onto the street.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They have to WAIT. 

    YOU have the right-of-way. 

    They have the right to be selfish and impatient and blow their horn. 

    I often let people out if they show the forethought to put on their turn signal to show their intention. 

    If they just sit there waiting with no turn signal, then I just let them sit there waiting.  Sooner or later there may be a break in traffic. 

    They are the one who need to communicate. 

    And you need to be suspicious of every car sitting there like that when you are proceeding on the street, because you may be the person they abruptly pull out in front of.

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  • Joseph
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    1 month ago

    The car coming out of the gas station should have turned into the far left lane, not tried to cross two lanes of traffic.  

    Let's say you let the car through.  What would have happened if there was another car passing you on the right and suddenly a car exiting a gas station appears in front of it?  The driver exiting the gas station can't see the car passing you; the driver passing may not be able to see the car you letting through.  These types of accidents happen more than you might think. 

    I don't care how long the guy was waiting, as another answer had suggested.  A car on the street has the right of way over the cars exiting from the driveway. 

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  • 2 months ago


    You are not supposed to stop in front of or across from a gas station entrance or exit (even if there are no cars there).

    If you can't get past it, then you are supposed to stop before it.  Leave a gap between yourself and the car in front of you so that other cars can maneuver between you and the car in front of you.

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  • Erik
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    2 months ago

    No, you didn't do anything wrong.  Sometimes that happens.  If you see someone trying to get out and you're blocking him, it's courteous to move up so he can get in, or wait when the traffic starts moving, so he can exit the driveway.  But you're not under any obligation, especially in this case, where the guy needs to cut across multiple lanes.

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  • Anton
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    2 months ago

    Q.  Did I do something wrong here?

    A.  Yes.  Which is why the gentleman used his horn.  You were discourteous.

    You should be looking *ALL* of the traffic, have seen person wanting to exit, seen that they may be wanting to cross the traffic.  You may be excused if you are young and unexperienced.  Or a Republican.

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