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What is the chi-squared value, p-value, and degrees of freedom for this cross?

In the California poppy, an allele for yellow flowers (C) is dominant over an allele for white flowers (c). At an independently assorting locus, an allele for entire petals (F) is dominant over an allele for fringed petals (f). A plant that is homozygous for yellow and entire petals is crossed with a plant that is white and fringed. The resulting F1 plants are then testcrossed and the following progeny are produced: 54 yellow and entire, 58 yellow and fringed, 53 white and entire, and 10 white and fringed.


A) 12.838

B)  26.03

C)  51.901

D)  35.03 

E)  4.64 


A)  0.01<p<0.05 

B)  0.05<p<0.1 

C)  0.5<p<0.995 

D)  0.1<p<0.5 

E)  p<0.01 

Degrees of Freedom?

A)  2

B)  4 

C)  1 

D)  0 

E)  3 

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