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My Former Teacher(s) relationship with me after high school?

Hi everyone,

I have a quick question. I just recently graduated high school, and I was wondering if it's acceptable to go after a teacher? There are two female teachers in my high school that I have the chance to interact with outside of school. I've known this teacher for 3 years. After the beginning of May passed, I added her on snapchat. She accepted right away. I messaged her to get a conversation started, and she was super nice. I want to add that this specific teacher is married. Should I pursue if she keeps talking to me?

The next teacher is not married; therefore, I feel like I have a much better chance. I've known this teacher for 1 year. I decided to add her on facebook, and she posted on my timeline as soon as she accepted my request. I had to email this teacher during May to get all my grades double-checked. Recently, she offered to set up a meeting so we can talk about school related things. She said flattering comments towards me in her response to the email. Should I try to make a move on her if we meet up? Should I make a move on either teacher? Is it wrong because I am 18?

I live in the US. Thank you all

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    These teachers are quite a bit older than you, they deal with teenagers in school all day. The last thing they want is to be any more than friends with them.    Sorry but they are just doing their jobs, find someone your own age

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