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My 14 year old daughter has braces and she sometimes only brushed her teeth once a day and doesn’t floss daily. Advice ?

She went to the orthodontist this morning and the doctor told us and the tech that she need to keep them clean. The orthodontist is a sweet lady but she is concerned about my child having stains after treatment . I thought about an electric toothbrush (the $70 one) and a water flosser but I don’t know if she should get that since her 15th birthday is in July. She won’t get the braces off until October 2021. She just got them on in June of 2019 and I’m worried about paying $4000 and her teeth just be stained since I still owe $1500 to that orthodontist office. Should I take away privileges of her hanging out with her friend until she straightens up? She also has to be nagged to shower sometimes 

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