explain some ways that human population impact our ability to fish for food?

explain some ways that human population impact our ability to fish for food????

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    1.  Because there are lots of people around who know how to fish, you can easily learn it from someone.

    2.  Lots of people means lots of people making fishing equipment and boats and such.  That makes it easier for you to buy or rent fishing equipment.

    3.  Lots of people means lots of people building piers and other structures making it easier for you to fish offshore without needing a boat.

    4.  Lots of people means power plants whose thermal pollution can bring some fishes closer to shore where you can catch 'em.

    5.  Lots of people means that lakes and rivers and streams will be stocked, so you can be able to catch something.



    1.  Competition.  You might not catch a fish because there are two dozen people next to you on the pier trying to do the same thing, and your bait just happens not to be grabbed by a fish.

    2.  Overfishing.  Lots of people means all the good fish have already been caught.  There's no big ones left.

    3.  Depletion.  No big fish, no good fish, left.  The good-sized predatory fish you wanted is "commercially extinct."

    4.  Dead zones.  More people means that sewage goes into the water, which means there are algae blooms and die-offs.  This makes "dead zones" in bodies of water including the oceans.  No fishing there because there aren't any live fish there.

    5.  Rich people fence off parts of the coast, which means you can't go fishing there.

    6.  Stocked fish displace native fish.  Too many people caught the natives first.  If you were hoping for a tasty native trout, too bad for you.

    7.  Habitat destruction.  Stupid people introduce non-native plants and animals to bodies of water.  This does not bode well for the continued existence of native fish.

    8.  Dams.  These impede natural water flow, to the detriment of native fish.

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