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Why is Bay Area 2 months behind Gavin's lockdown?

London Breed extended lockdown until August. Gavin has already opened phase 2.5 which includes barbers and hair salon. Why is Bay Area 1.5 months behind that? London said we were just 1-2 weeks behind Gavin's order but now it's 1.5 months before we can open barbers? wtf?


This 2 month extension is malicious. that's 5 months in lockdown total and she's going to keep extending it and the 6 other county mayors all follow Breed's order. This is toxic. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Homeless people that are spreading the virus.  they should put a bounty on them.

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  • If there's still a lot of covid 19 cases in that are and the numbers keep going up instead of down, that may be the reason why they're extending the lock down in your area. We're about 2 weeks into phase one of re opening in our area. They're talking about moving into phase 2 in another 2-3 weeks, as long as new covid 19 cases and deaths related to it keep going down. 

    My area has been on lock down since March, when covid 19 was announced as a pandemic. I want salons to re open to, but they have to be responsible and take people's health and safety into concern when it comes to re opening things like salons. I would never have thought I would miss getting my hair cut too, but it's really not that important right now.

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  • Ann
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    1 month ago

    The Bay Area is always a little different. Find a barber who does it on the down low. Frankly, that might be better for them. Making money under the table. No taxes.

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    • Ray1 month agoReport

      all counties in California reopened barbers except the 7 idiotic bay area counties. 

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