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Could I be pregnant ? ?

So to start this off, yes I may be foolish but this has never happened to me before and I have the bad habit of overthinking. I’m a virgin, well technically. I’ve never had sex with my boyfriend. We’ve been together for a while and we’ve engaged in other intimate acts. The most we’ve done is insert only the tip of his penis. And it was in a month of which I got my period. This month maybe we had another occurrence ? To be honest I don’t remember. But I’ve missed my period. I had the symptoms like sore breasts, and cravings, and acne breakouts, and mood swings. But no period. For the last three months my period has been on time and on the 28th. So I’m worried sick about what could be causing this late period. I guess I should explain what we’ve done right ?. We’ve had oral, and hand jobs and other manual labors per say.... but we’ve never had full on sex. And he swears he’s never came inside me or near my vagina, he always had shorts on if we decided to dry hump. But that’s about it. That’s all we’ve done, and while I know pregnancy may be unlikely, I just need the reassurance because I’ve never missed a period or had it be irregular. So I’m just nervous as ****. So if anyone could help me and tell me the reasons why it could be absent or why it has changed, and what are the chances of it being me pregnant ? I really need it right now. Again maybe I’m an idiot for thinking I could be Pregnant and be some Jane the virgin **** but I’m desperate to find an answer 

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    If your boyfriend did not insert his penis in you and ejaculate, there is almost no way you could be pregnant.  In order to become pregnant, you must have sperm up inside your vagina, and they must be able to swim to the egg.

    I have been pregnant three times, and all of those "pregnancy symptoms," like the sore breasts, cravings, and mood swings, have never really happened until I was about six or seven weeks along.  So the idea that you would already be experiencing symptoms are highly unlikely.  On the flip side of the coin, these symptoms are also very common with PMS (Pre menstrual syndrome), and could be a sign that your period is coming.

    Now as far as "missing" your period goes, one of the biggest reasons for that could be STRESS.  Try not to worry, please, because stress can seriously make your period late.  If at the end of the day you still worry, you can buy one of those cheap urine pregnancy tests and take it.  I have found that they work just as well as the expensive ones.

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    You are not a virgin.  The "tip" of a penis is still a penis and it was in your vagina.  You are NOT a virgin.  An aroused male can "leak" or "pre-ejaculate" and that pre-ejaculation CAN contain SOME sperm.  It only takes ONE sperm to cause pregnancy.  Even if he didn't finish inside you - some sperm could get in and could cause pregnancy - but that is really unlikely.   It is far more likely that your period is just late.

    Your period is one day late - it usually comes on the 28th - and it is only the 29th.  (or two days late if you are in a very different time zone than I am in.)  You haven't even actually "missed" it yet - right now it is just LATE.  Until you get to the point that ANOTHER period is due - you haven't actually "missed" this one.Any hormone imbalance can cause all the "symptoms" you listed.  Those are NOT exclusive to "pregnancy".Pregnancy hormones cause pregnancy symptoms so if your issues are because of pregnancy - you would get a positive test.  If the test is negative - then pregnancy hormones are not the reason for your current symptoms.Even if you have a very regular cycle, your period can be up to five days early or five days late during any cycle and still be considered "regular" and "normal".  First of all, a period always arriving on the same DATE is strange because a MONTH does NOT always have the SAME NUMBER OF DAYS.  So a period that is arriving on the SAME DATE each month is already slightly different every month.  (sometimes 30 days - sometimes 31 days)  A period is best tracked when keeping track of THE NUMBER OF DAYS that are between the first day of one period until the first day of the next period.

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    You have to f uck to get pregnant.

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    If he's had his penis in you, even just the tip, then there's a chance though it's pretty freaking small (no pun intended).

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    "Insert the tip" means you're not the virgin and you have had sex and you could be pregnant.

    There could be other reasons why your period is late (stress, starvation, birth control).

    Buy a pregnancy test now, and use it.

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