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Puppy Anxiety from Barking Dogs?

Our boy loves playing in the backyard and he’s getting better at enjoying walks. He’s timid about a lot of things. The most is hearing dogs bark. 

We worked with him while our neighbors were mowing with his flirt pole and his ball, and now he’s no longer scared of mowers. But hearing dogs barking makes him nervous. 

He runs to the back door whining or hides under me and whines. I don’t want him to be terrified but I also want him to get used to it. 

Any tips?

We are trying to use the same method we did to desensitize him to lawn mowers, but even treats don’t work sometimes. Especially when the neighbor husky gets to howling. 

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  • 1 month ago

    How old is he?  It all sounds normal to me.  When other dogs bark it is like a warning.  My dogs bark when someone or something is on the street .  Dogs start barking at the sight of a street walker & the barking starts at that end of the street & keeps going until whoever or whatever was out there is out of sight & gone.  When sirens yell, hundreds of dogs start howling.

    Dogs that bark for a reason is only natural.  A dog that barks at nothing but to hear themselves bark is a problem.

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  • 1 month ago

    So just ignore him when hes doing that.   Go about your buisiness as if nothing is wrong

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