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This is American cops in a nutshell?

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    Why are you piling all police in the same group?  TROLL.  There are many police officers who uphold the law.  Just as we have in the general public there are those who allow their personal opinions to override their judgment and those commit crimes because they think they can get away with it.  Understand being a Police officer is a hard job because they have to uphold the law.  They, personally, may not agree with the law but know they have to follow the law until it is changed.  There is no room for prejudice in this profession.  You have to remain neutral and calm, if possible.

    Why is it when you are being attacked, or home invasions, domestic violence, accidents, robberies, the list goes on and on, the police are the first name you call and the second is God.  Why should either answer your call when you lie about them, point fingers, and deny them.  This is not fair.  Punish those who commit these atrocious crimes.  They will do their jobs if directed.  If punishment is not forthcoming then get rid of the upper echelon that is corrupt and assist those who do their jobs and risk their lives every day for yours.

  • 6 months ago

    Giving free haircuts, bad.  Looting and arson, good.  

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