Relationshio Anxiety thoughts, how to get rid?

The questions that i wish to get help with is:

- How to i get rid or help with having anxiety within the relationship I'm in

- Stop negative thoughts 

- Help with being insecured 

- Stop seeing everyone as a threat. 

Iv finally got in my first mature relationship which I cant get enough of, sadly enough my past just keeps following me. After being used, cheated on and emotionally abused through out pretty much every relationship iv been in (sods luck). My mind is waiting for it to happen again as its a pattern. 

The only night I'm at my worse is the one day of the week I have to go back to my other home (progressing to be living with partner in the near future) due to government guidelines on partner being on benefits. 

After finding out she was sleeping with a married man (before we was together and she didn't know he was married, as soon as she fount out...she cut the ties with him). Thoughts pop into my head like 'he only lives around the corner' and due to knowing what it feels like to be cheated on. Thouhhts on wanting to tell the wife what the unfaithful husband has been doing. Isn't my place, not going to do anything but just a thought. 

I'm extremely happy within the relationship and within myself is happy yet my thoughts just don't go away with 'what if's'. 


Turns out, the wife has been doing the same thing as the husband.

I hate the way I am. 

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