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In your opinion: what were (if any) the positive things about colonialism? I read from cultural Marxists and feminists that colonialism was?


only negative for those colonies...

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    There were a lot of negatives of course, and Africa is still suffering the legacy of colonialism.

    Globalism, the economic knitting together of markets across the world, jump started with the Portuguese and Spanish empires. Once that process started, it gathered momentum and is still a major force in the modern world. You might argue that the British empire subjugated native peoples all over the world, with the most 'primitive' people faring the worst. The French tried to turn everyone into French citizens, which wasn't quite as arrogant a policy.

    Language barriers are a serious thing. English, French and Spanish have become global languages, making communication easier. English is a terse language virtually free of gender labels and only has three cases. This is why English is the international language of business, science, and air traffic control. And it's important to note that India had been divided into at least a dozen kingdoms and principalities. The drive to expel the British made India a united nation.

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