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Why do some people do this?

I'm looking at something in a store, usually grocery shelf, and I have about 2 to 3 people looking at the same thing I am looking at. I get out of the way so they can get it and they go like nope nevermind was looking for something else. Just why???? So weird!

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    A few reasons.  Sometimes it is curiosity to see what you are looking at, that maybe you are onto to something good.  Other times they are looking for the same thing but encounter the price to be too high.  Other times they are looking for the same thing, but their brand isn't available.  Thus not really weird at all, I bet you do the same thing but just don't realize it when you do.

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    4 months ago

    Probably,because you are dithering.

    Before you shop,make a list,so that you know what you want.

  • 4 months ago

    Perhaps people are just perusing the shelves and in that moment, you seemingly are looking in the same area.  Chances are this is not deliberate to cause you discomfort.

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