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Smoked weed for 9 years recently stoped feel more anxiety? Any suggestions ?


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    Stopping was a good idea. Weed has bad long-term effects. You'll get over this. 

    A place where you can get advice -, It's like a brainy version of NA. They have a program based on the standard counseling methods.

    Treatments for anxiety range from simple stress reduction to therapy and medication. Don't overlook stress reduction - it can help even with very bad cases.

    The best stress management is personal. Deal with the things that are stressing you.

    A really simple but effective thing - the habit of responding to moments of stress by slowing your breath.

    Psychiatrists Brown and Gerbarg, who have published 6 papers on breathing and mental health, recommend a 3-part program of mind-body methods - breathing, meditation, and slow body movement. Incorporate these into your daily life. Be aware of changes in mood and respond mindfully, aware of your breathing. Details here -

    Other things take some effort but they're very rewarding - things that make your life meaningful, like a good hobby, art, or volunteer work. Taking care of your health with the right exercise, etc. If you go to Metapsychology, you can read a psychologist's review of Dr Steve Ilardi's book ("a splendid book"). He's the therapist who headed a university lifestyle-depression project and developed a program for stress reduction.

    Answer about anxiety treatments - 

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