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I’ve been a weed smoker for 9 years / and I’m also a runner ?

So I’ve smoked weed since like 16 I’m 24 and I haven’t smoked weed since January 2020 .and this year and it’s been hard but idk when I run some times I feel like anxiety like when I use to smoke weed . I felt like I could run longer with out stopping now.  since it’s been like 4 months with out smoking.  I get winded faster and more anxiety I’m like i shouldn’t feel like this idk need some advice .

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    Advice on what? You get winded faster and have anxiety? Smoking ANYTHING for a length of time may affect your lungs. So it may take time for any damage done, to heal (if it can). The best thing to do would be to see a doctor and get a checkup. Tell your doc about you getting winded and about the anxiety. They may or may not be directly related to your years of smoking pot.

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