Despicable Me: whats this movie about(please include spoilers) & does the movie tell how the minions came to be?

Never saw the movie, but the minions are all over my fav amusement park with rides, characters, etc. So, just decided to get curious since well since. Lol

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  • 5 months ago
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    The first Despicable Me movie is about an infamous villain named Gru who lives by stealing and causing general mayhem. As part of his next evil plan to steal the moon he needs to first steal a shrink ray from another rival villain who took it from him.  

    He ends up adopting three young orphaned girls as a way to do it, since they can approach the other villain's house unharmed to sell cookies. Gru just gets wrecked by security defenses.  Stuff happens and in the course of his plans he ends up loving and saving them. He later turns good and becomes their father.  It's a very cute movie.

    The minions are there throughout the story, they've worked under him as his servants for a long time. There's a spin off movie called Minions that explains more where they came from.  They've apparently been around since the dawn of time and like to serve villains.  Gru is their current master.

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