Why do you have to be black to understand the problems that blacks face but the exception is that you can't be white to understand them?

This sounds very messed up to me. I'm white but I'm not allowed to be on the same page as blacks and see where they are coming from to find some solutions? And then (get this) when I get upset because they won't tell and I finally say that I don't care because they won't trust me to begin with then I'm called a racist? Now how messed up is that?

This happens to me quite often. So tell me then, how would I possibly be able to offer solutions if no one tells me? I'm no genius, but it irritates me that I'm hurled into this big political mess and I'm thrown in with (what they assume as I guess) "other racist whites" because some blacks only see in black and white (literally). Stop complaining if you don't want solutions. All they want is someone to pay attention to them I guess is my guess. They don't want any actual solutions. And that's the truth.

Now, I'm not going to defend myself or even comment on myself because that is not needed here, but really, what can I do to get some satisfaction in this life? I have nothing to hide, no shame, no hatefulness, nothing. And yet I'm assumed to be some racist white cracker who can't understand the problems of those who have a different skin color than me? Now that's what I call BS.

What is your input on this? Thanks.

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    4 months ago
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    They are fools dude. They throw around the word racist like it’s going out of style. There’s a difference between hating a person because of their ethnicity and understanding the differences of them. A good metaphor is these murder hornets that recently migrated into the Americas. Many people were scared that they would wipe out the local honey bee population  since they had never ENCOUNTERED these specific problems, or wasps. However, back where these murder hornets hailed from the honey bees had already learned to adapt so that they could defend from swarms of murder hornets.(Look it up) 

    The point being, you don’t see many white people resisting arrest or not complying with the officer on a simple road block. Not that I agree with these things, but it’s no reason to act a fool. When white people do see that a white person was killed, speaking for myself, I assume that they were asking for it based off those reasons mentioned before(resisting arrest, not complying with orders). We don’t protest in such a way that we burn down and raid local businesses. I just assume that they just aren’t quite use to living the first world country way of life. They will adapt or experience Darwinism. 

    The worst case of Darwinism I foresee is groups trying to pull these “protest” stunts down south. Protests where they burn and loot local businesses. It’ll be bad news for the protesters because we won’t fully rely on the law to protect our businesses. Burn down my store and you’ll be laying dead.

  • 4 months ago

    Cause who feels it knows it 

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