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I am married for 10 years my husband insults me?

I am married for 10 Years.the first three years of our life was beautiful and he respect me a lot .after that his parents cane to live with us.his mom used to support in front of me but she back bite about me to my husband then our fighting start he insults me and I cry down and get depressed then after some time she died the situations get better but my husband always says u r arrogant and not know how to talk to someone..I started worked on it...when he is  angry and insults me I didn't say a word ..he always said our marriage is a mistake ur my big mistake but I don't do any thing now I have to live with u because we have 4 children. I feel very bad ..he sometimes so much angry I tried to talk to him he always said don't talk to me.he insults Me in front of his family too.yesterday everything was good going my older son which is 1 year old he was playing with his nightsuit which I gave it to him and I was aww he is cute my husband said u r giving him households chore .if u did this I will become angry and u know what I can do..I said what again insults me in front of ur family.he said yes..and now he said sorry .what to do with him as he already take medicine for stress too.plz help me.

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  • Foofa
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    4 months ago

    Time to tell dear husband that either his parents move out or you do. Stick to this and be willing to go elsewhere if his family continues to gang up on you life this. I have a feeling this might be happening in a country where it's not all that uncommon for the wife to be treated badly by her husband's family (often to the point of murder). 

  • Chanel
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    4 months ago

    I'm sorry but to be honest your marriage is dead and things are not going to improve.

    I don't know your situation but you need to make arrangements to leave him and get a divorce cos eventually it will make you ill.

  • 4 months ago

    My parents were married for 54 yrs, and I never heard either one call the other a bad name, fat, stupid, ugly, the B, C, or H word.  It sounds like it could be too late and you need to leave him. If there is any hope his parents need to leave. If the house is in both your names, with or without kids, you own half the equity in the home.  You deserve better. 

  • Tj
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    4 months ago

    You need to prepare yourself to divorce him...Get a good lawyer and rack his butt over coals,  Why live like this?

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