Mercari Seller has not shipped item for a week?

Backstory: Ive been looking for a certain pair of Fila's and always check on Poshmark and Mercari to compare styles, prices, and sizes. I noticed a pair I liked on Poshmark and added it to my favorites. Then I switched over to Mercari and saw the seller posted on there too, the listing was only a couple hours old. It was cheaper in comparison to purchasing on Poshmark so of course I quickly scooped up the shoes. After about 5 minutes of purchasing, I saw the seller had removed the listing from Poshmark so they were active and aware of the sale. I bought them Thursday night.

Friday and Saturday go by, as well as Sunday and Monday being a holiday weekend. I received an email from the seller stating that she would ship the shoes first thing tomorrow morning, meaning Tuesday. Tuesday, Wednesday, and now its Thursday night at 11:30 pm and the tracking info still states that it is in pre-shipment and the post office is still awaiting the package. I have been checking shipping updates since Saturday and no change. I want the shoes because they are hard to come by but now I am torn because I feel I want to no longer give business to this seller.

I have recently been having to cancel a few items because the sellers never ship and seem inactive, but once I request a cancelation they accept it within a hour or two.

I would like some advice if I should I message the seller and ask her about shipment delay reasoning and possibly giving a poor rating or just cancel the transaction?

1 Answer

  • 5 months ago

    They are taking their time making up their mind but it may take a while, be patient.

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