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Veterinary Math?

The next day, Hershey is taken off of fluids and within a short time he started vomiting. The veterinarian orders another 300 ml of fluids at the rate of 30ml/h. The doctor adds an antiemetic medication to be infused into the fluids at the rate of 0.5mg/kg/h and the concentration of the drug is 10mg/ml. The administration set available is 10gtt/ml. The antiemetic drug is 1.3ml

    a)How would you prepare the fluids for infusion?

    b) Calculate the gtt/min.

Clue from my teacher:

We know it is 1.3 mL/hr and we are giving 30 mL/hr . Let's think about it this way, 300 mL at 30 mL/hr will last 10 hours, right? If we use 1.3 mL of antiemetic per hour for 10 hours we will need X mL. Solve for X.

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    I could help with the math (it's simple) but I don't understand the abbreviations...

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