Can get into dental school with a 3.2 science gpa?

Hello every one, 

So I'm going through hard time deciding whether I should go to a postbacc program or not. I want to get into a dental school, but my gpa is not as high as I'd like it to be. Here are my stats

Major: Biology

Minor: Psychology

Overall gpa: 3.4

science gpa: 3.2 

Dental experience: 1500+ hrs assisting a dentist and an orthodontist

Volunteer: 100+ hrs at a hospital

Research: assistant for almost a year, 

I started off terribly at a community college where I did bad in my prerequisites and had to retake some of them, got an associate degree. Then transferred to a 4 year university  where I did a lot better, with a good upward trend in my grades. I still have to take my dat which I will kill to do good on. 

My question is, should I enroll in a postbacc program to enhance my gpa, or do I have a shot with my stats? 

Thank you, 

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  • 4 months ago

    Admissions to any healthcare-related training, professional graduate school, etc, have become extremely competitive. Your grades probably do not qualify you to get accepted by any dental school, even if you meet minimum requirements to apply. The competition is very tough! 

    Check statistics on accepted students for the schools you are considering, not just the minimum requirements to apply for admission. Also check percentage of applicants accepted - and don't be surprised if the acceptance rate is less than 10%, even less than 5%. So if you meet or exceed averages of prior students, your chances of acceptance would still be only around that 5%, or 10%, etc.

  • 4 months ago

    Post-bacc programs aren't meant to be remedial; they are geared for people who are interested in a change of career and did not take the medical (dental, veterinary, etc.) school prerequisites in college. It's unlikely you'll be accepted into most programs, and if you are, your post-bacc classes won't erase your low (for dental school) GPA that you earned in undergraduate. 

    You haven't given enough detail to determine whether you'd be acceptable to medical school:

    - What is your GPA *just* for the four-year university, without including your community college classes? Is that the 3.4/3.2, or is it much higher?

    -What were you final (after retaking) grades in the medical school prerequisites? Mostly As or mostly Bs? 

    -Did you retake any prerequisites at the four-year university? 

    You really need nearly all As in the prerequisite classes, especially if taken at community college. CC is typically *much* easier than a four-year university; even if that's not true in your case, the dental schools will assume it. Some won't even accept prerequisites taken at a community college (although nearly all will if taken as part of a 2+2 transfer degree).

    If you haven't graduated yet, your best bet is to *not* graduate as soon as you qualify, and retake the medical school prerequisites (not to mention any class you earned a C or lower in) at your university, and get As in them. You might not get grade replacement, but at least you'll prove to dental schools that you can do the work. 

    If you've graduated, just take the DAT and apply to dental schools. If you're not accepted, then consider a post-bacc program, but do talk to the admissions staff to determine whether you have any real chance at dental school, your stats being what they are. 

  • 4 months ago

    Your stats are bad, except for getting a dental assistant job.

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