What is the condition of your country in the corona virus lockdown?

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  • Dj2541
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    6 months ago
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    Australia, we  are  doing  fine, everybody is  doing the  right things  with  social  distancing,Hand washing and the Govt has  funded  some  huge  programs for  Employers to  keep  people  having  jobs  to go back  to, they  doubled  the  Unemployment and other  support  payments. Everybody  stayed  home  like they  were  requested  except  for  essential  workers.The  Health  system geared  itself  up really  well and  then  we  dodged  the  really  bad numbers of deaths  by good management.

    We are  all in this  together!

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Pretty bad here in the US.

  • Bort
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    6 months ago

    Most of the US is reported to being slowly and gradually returning to regular activity. I'm in Pennsylvania and as of tomorrow 5/29/20 retail sales is allowed to re-open and continue and gatherings of up to 25 people are allowed but social distancing and other restrictions will still be in effect such as it is required by law that people wear some sort of mask that covers their mouth and nose inside public buildings. Schools are also re-opening with everyone having to wear masks all day and remain 6 feet apart. Due to the 6 feet (2 meters) apart requirement schools are reducing who can attend to decrease class sizes to however many students they can fit in to a classroom with the desks being that far apart. 

    As far as the infection and death rates those things in Pennsylvania have not changed much. Re-opening the way they're doing it is asinine in my personal opinion. Nothing they're requiring has significantly done anything to prevent the virus from spreading. I think re-opening things is a bad idea and on top of re-opening being a bad idea the way the businesses are going about re-opening is another huge barrel of idiocy. 

    They're not bringing full staff back. They're limiting who they are bringing back, having managers manage 2 departments instead of one, they've terminated senior staff (the people who were making the most money and had the most tenure). They're using the virus as an excuse to make people do more work so they don't have to pay as much staff. They obviously haven't considered the fact that re-opening is going to bring a surge of shoppers in to their store. I personally don't expect things to go very smoothly because of the way they're doing it. We will see.

    I'm avoiding shopping and public places even more as of tomorrow because of the re-openings. Idiot people are going to be flooding the stores that are open, the stores will be way too under-staffed to handle it, so there will not only be a lot of incidents it's also going to be a lot less safe virus wise. 

    How they are doing it is ridiculously stupid. 

    In addition to that people, who have not been called back to work yet, are still off and a lot of people are very ignorantly bored with being in the house so there's going to be congestion everywhere - "We're free! It's over!!". 

    No. It's not over. The infection and death rates haven't changed. The virus is still here. 

    As I said I'm staying home and as far away from people ase possible. I'm bored with being stuck in the house too but I'd rather be bored and stuck in the house than suffering and dying of a disease there's no cure for. 

    Unfortunately the few that have been called back to work as of tomorrow don't seem to have that option.  

    I don't expect to be "free" and have everything opened again for very long. 

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