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Why is it important that the human emotion is a human right?

Freedom of this that the other and the what?

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  • It is bad for us to be a victim of necessity. It is important for us to break away from the reason we know to explore the realities represented by our emotions. Maybe they are finger paintings but they are not random or unprovoked. 

    If we become attached to a way of thinking or to a particular construct of a thinking process, we can lose the ability to respond or listen to thinking or reasoning or feeling. It becomes like a religion when we become attached such that change is prevented.

    The freedom of our mind is very important and one important part of it is to be able to level everything we have created in our mind and start again from the primordial soup of sensation and feeling.

    The two things are necessary for a logical mind. We need unattached and pure unhindered sensation. And we need a capacity to develop an understand of the workings of the things we create out of feeling and critical acceptability parameters. Logic for me is a system wide thing. It relates to the working together of various aspects of the psyche as well the content of the psyche.

    We need a spirit and a mind. My definition of spirit defers from supernatural notions. It is defined in contrast to the machine. The machine follows rules and schemes; it is like the mind/thinking/analytical module of the entity that we are. Spirit can be an amorphous undefined intention, like a gap where something supposed to go. Spirit outlines what the mind is supposed to fill in. But the two can influence each other by the focusing of perception.

    Emotions reside in the spirit but can be expressed by the extrapolator that is the mind.

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    "Import" is to bring in; "e-motion" is to move out (Latin ex, out, and movere, to move).

    Import is therefore primarily a physical, even atom-measured event; moving outward is an ex-pressing of that which is within, i.e., self awareness as emotion.

    "Human" is literally "earth being" (PIE *dhghem-, earth), as contrasted with Soul, Godly Being.

    Thus the "human right" to emo ~ = the post-modern (earlier, Romanticism) preference for egoic (Sunyata called this "egoji") ex-pression, i.e. > rationalism (Enlightenment, modernism).

    So, important in that the swing between human ego as thinker and human ego as feeler permits both.  E.g., logical positivism was, perhaps in the Zeitgeist of the 1920s and 1930s in Germany, willing to elevate rationalism and rule out emotionalism (and its higher, more Godly cousin Aesthetic Beauty) from any "god = scientism" metric.  As Valley Girl might opine, "Shtick me with an absolutism."

    "Freedom" is of PIE *pri-, to love.  Thus while divine Love is both Mindful and Truthful, human egoism reduces "Love" to "whatever floats your boat," as in "I love to shop at the mall."

    Unless one is precise in usage of words, which hold types of Light and otherwise, one is simply opining, ok?

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