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did the stock market go up again today? why? there is worst unemployment in history now? why?

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    The mercurial stock market can be manipulated with relative ease, as it was all during the lawless Cheney/Bush, both of them oil men, years between 2001 and 2008 while the Republicans had totalitarian control of House, Senate, and the White House. We went from Bill Clinton's incredible balanced budget (39% fair-share bills-paying tax rate for the wealthiest 1.5%), a huge $362 BILLION SURPLUS, lower crime levels nationwide, and all the other often unsung achievements of a "West Wing" inspiring great Presidency (see "The Clinton Presidency: Key Accomplishments" available online) to bottomless-pit GOP spending, corporate collusion with UNPAID-FOR tax cuts to the wealthiest few in 2001 and again in 2003, two UNPAID-FOR (big-spending) wars, one of these wars an ILLEGAL and UNPROVOKED one in oil-rich Iraq---a nation that had never once attacked the U.S. but which was part of ever-evil Dick Cheney's profiteering (Halliburton/KBR) plan in collaboration with land-lusting war criminal Netanyahu to have an OIL-RICH FOOTHOLD in the even oil richer Middle East for the purpose of eventually messing with Iran.  During these years of White House and Congressional GOP destruction, GW Bush would often publicly use the words "World War III" [scripted by behind-the-scenes Koch brother/Cheney forces] when no such war was eminent---and that was enough to manipulatively drive those oil prices sky high (as high as $5.00 per gallon in some states).  One of the wisest things President Obama did during his terms in office: Reduce America's dependence upon Middle East for our oil supplies---much to the consternation of Halliburton-owning Cheney and the Koch brothers.  As most economic experts have often said: The Market is not a reliable indicator for our economy. The other statistics have far more relevance, such as the rising double-digit unemployment rates; the impact of the pandemic; businesses going under or cutting services; etc.  

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    So far, the Dow Jones is 

    -147.63 (-0.58%)

    9:15 Am EST

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    4 months ago

    Did you even bother to search?  no, the major indices at least in the US were down.

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    It is quite possible for the economy to flourish with nobody working.

    Andrew Yang warned us that automation and AI will take over the workforce.

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    Because the country is opening up and businesses are starting to make money again. The economy will come back so the stock market goes up with good news.

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    4 months ago

    The market is forward-looking. It trades based on the expectation of what comes tomorrow, not what's happening today. 

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