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Why does the middle left side of my stomach hurt after eating?

So I tried looking this up on google but you already know, Google gives you a million things it could be. I might see a doctor for this but I'm curious as to whether it could be something serious and because it's pretty specific. So last week I noticed a sharp pain in a small area of my stomach on the middle left side and it happened after I ate. It felt like a pinching sensation that was twisting the muscle area. It wasn't the kind of pain you get when you have to go number 2. The pain wasn't continuous either, it was more of a throbbing pain that came and went. It stopped after about half an hour. I figured it was just something random, but I didn't feel it again until yesterday and today. Today it happened twice, and after I ate, and it's always in the same spot. It's not too much to deal with, but I'm still concerned since it's happened more than once and after I eat. I'm also on birth control so I don't think pregnancy could be the cause (I'm a 24 year old woman). Are these symptoms tied into anything specific?

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  • Andy C
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    1 month ago

    That's your splenic flexor, the right angle downturn of your colon.  It hurts because you regularly consume sugar and other sources of fructose outside of whole foods. 

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