7 weeks pregnant or not ? ?

I have been bleeding bright red blood since 5/22 some days it’s heavier with more painful cramps then others but every day I have bled I feel when it’s coming I get a sharp pain on my sides then blood comes out like a period is this how a miscarriage happens ?....( I’ve had 3 life births and have never had this happen ) so I know this isn’t normal but I can’t get into my obgyn and the er was no help because they couldn’t see anything since I’m only 7 weeks can anyone tell me if this sounds like a miscarriage? 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    If you had a positive pregnancy test - then that much bleeding and pain sounds like a miscarriage.

    If you did NOT have a positive pregnancy test - then this sounds like a late and more painful than usual period.

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