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which of the following would prevent wound healing?? ?

A. Deficiency of galactosamine.

B. Deficiency of vitamin C.

C. Excess of adrenal glucocorticoid hormones.

D. Good vascular supply.

E. Tissue hypoxia.

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    E. Tissue hypoxia.



    Oxygen is vital for healing wounds. It is intricately involved in numerous biological processes including cell proliferation, angiogenesis, and protein synthesis, which are required for restoration of tissue function and integrity. Adequate wound tissue oxygenation can trigger healing responses and favorably influence the outcomes of other treatment modalities.

    The Problem

    Chronic ischemic wounds fail to heal appropriately secondary to extreme hypoxia that leads to cellular demise. Wound tissue hypoxia is typically greater at the center of the wound. Accordingly, oxygen requirements of the regenerating tissue will vary."

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