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Hello everyone I need help ?

1ºCalculate Z and V for sulfur hexafluoride at 75 ° C and 15 bar with the following


a) Ideal gas equation

b) The first order truncated virial equation

c) second order virial equation

d) redlich kwong equation

Note: the following experimental values ​​for virial coefficients are:

B = -194 cm3 wrong-1 c = 15 300 cm6 wrong-2

2ºOne mole of gas occupies 250 l and its density is 1.9 g / l, at a temperature and pressure

determined. Calculate the gas density under normal conditions

3ºA container contains 100 l of O2 at 20ºC. Calculate: a) the O2 pressure, knowing that

its mass is 3.43 kg. b) The volume that this quantity of gas occupies in c.n

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