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Unexplained infertility, I’m going nuts at this point . Any success stories ? ?

My husband and I were diagnosed with unexplained infertility . He has had children and has no issues at al , but I have never been pregnant even with previous partners . We have been trying for 2 years and a half . We’re young and Everything is ok . EVEYTHING is absolutely perfect . I just don’t get it . I don’t get how everyone around me is getting pregnant SO easily but me . I went through IUI this month spend $1200 on it . My pregnancy test isn’t until another 6 days but I know it’s failed because I’m getting cramps that I would get from my period . I get my hopes up every months thinking “oh this could be an early pregnancy sign “ NOP. No I don’t think it’s implantation cramps its been going on for 4 days , and I always have them around the same time . I’m 100% it’s my period coming so I’m not even sure if I should even go into my pregnancy test because I’ll just be even more upset . I’m doing everything I can , we even decided to take a break for a year and not stress and let it be. Do our think and yet still nothing , went though 3 cycles of clomid and letrzole. My other option is IVF but it’s the money that’s killing me . So expensive just to HAVE a baby and no one knows what’s wrong with you. I just want to be a mother so bad , I want to care for a child , I want to give my husband a child .

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    I have not had experience with this personally, but it literally took my parents ten years to conceive me.  Mom gave birth to two more children after me.  Good luck.  <3

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    A friend of mine and her husband had a diagnosis of "unexplained infertility" until they moved onto IVF, and then it was discovered that the shells of her eggs were extremely thin and fragile, making successful conception impossible. They ended up adopting some embryos from other friends of theirs who had gone through IVF, though last I heard from her their transfer had been postponed due to COVID.

    As for me, no comforting success story here. My first IUI did work and I now have a 7 year old, but my second child took 3 years and 3 rounds of IVF to get to happen. We were lucky enough to be able to afford treatment, but it was a brutal process to go through that I wouldn't wish on anyone. =( But then again I have *yet another* friend who was literally about to start IVF (had the meds and everything), and in the 11th hour they got pregnant. Everyone and their dog has one of those annoying "it's a miracle!" unicorn pregnancy stories, but in their case they really did beat some serious odds.

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    Taking a break from stressing might work - it somtimes does.  good luck.

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    There was a couple who tried in vain for years, until they used a determined fertility specialist, who took it as a personal challenge.  He did use a powerful amount of hormones.

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    maybe you should try adopting or taking in foster kids

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