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Wisdom Teeth Removal.?

When I was around 14 years old I was told my wisdom teeth were coming in by my dentist and that I should go ahead and have them removed. I am now 19, and up until close inspection and seeing a tiny little corner of my wisdom tooth showing in my left side bottom jaw, I had completely forgotten about it. I've never had any sort of problems with them, but I do understand that it doesn't mean I'm in the clear. As someone who is horribly terrified of anything surgical/needle/blood related, I guess I am just asking for opinion/experience on if it is really worth waiting and hoping for the best? or am I better off biting the bullet and making the appointment now?

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    When they begin to hurt, make an appointment.

    Request that you be put asleep during the removal.

    Good luck.

    Had mine removed around age 21-22?

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