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Is it normal that I don't fart a lot?

Apparently it's normal to fart around 14 times a day but I usually do like 1 or 2 maximum. If I use the bathroom then I don't fart at all. Is this normal?

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    Probably you do not eat the foods that cause excess digestion that produce intestinal gas. Foods undergoing digestion in the small and large intestines produce Carbon Dioxide and smelly Hydrogen Sulfide. Women usually eat foods that do not produce as much gas as guys who eat various foods that cause odor problems. Foods eaten first remain in the stomach for 60-90 minutes and turn into a soup called chyme. This soup passes to the small intestine that does the major digesting of foods. A full digestion can take 3-4 hours as everyone has a different digesting cycle.


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  • 1 month ago

    I don't fart a lot either. But I do go poop more then most so idk. Seems normal to me

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