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Will rain wash away Termidor?

Just had the exterminator spray that perimeter of our house with Termidor 7969-210 BASF Fipronil 9.1% to get rid of carpenter ants. That was around 3 pm today. Now, we hear that we're going to get rain tonight for several hours, which means that the Termidor only had about 8 hours in the soil. Will the rain wash away the Termidor and basically ruin the application? 

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    To be sure exactly what the exterminator did you should just ask him. I know he/she will be glad to answer any questions you have. Pest control is a very competitive business and service is the one thing that can separate one company from another

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  • 1 month ago

    He didn’t just spray the surface, he put it below ground too?  

    It should be ok if he put it below ground.  Termidor lasts 5 years in the soil.  

    • Anne1 month agoReport

      I think he only sprayed the perimeter, not below. Will it be ok, or should he re-apply?

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