Why a lot of ants?

i put Raid, no effect

very a lot ants

in the basement


in spring i have woodlice problem too

and spider 

Update 2:

House 1949

Update 3:

ants in my bed in the night i feel ants

2 Answers

  • 5 months ago

    Raid and sprays do nothing but kill the ones you spray and maybe a few more that come by.  You need to get serious and kill the nest and queen.  Terra traps (orange labels) are the best I've found.  (Those black traps with solid stuff inside I've never had success with.)

    You need to put these traps down close to where you think the ants are coming in.  Don't worry about being exact b/c as soon as a few ants find the trap they'll bring all of their friends.  A large number of ants will die inside the trap, but more importantly, they're taking the poison back to the next and killing the queen. Keep putting traps out until no more ants are seen.  I've had to put down 3 before the trail finally stopped.  Be patient though as it does work.  

    Eventually you may have a new colony move in, but that may be 6 months or a year or more later.  Get the traps out as soon as you can to keep the numbers low.  You can minimize this going forward by making sure all food is put away and even crumbs aren't laying around on the counter.  If you see scouts, kill them or figure out where the scouts are coming in and put a trap out.  

  • 5 months ago

    use terra ant gel--just put it in places where kids or animals can't get at it---the stuff is pretty amazing!

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