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Can I use my internet router from old account on new account?

I use to have Spectrum internet service I still have the old  gear the router and wireless modem , I wanted to open up new account but wasnt sure if I should have them send me new gear or if I could still use what I had before. Spectrum gives you the option of getting a new router or using your own but I noticed if I select bring my own the option saying need wireless service add on for 5$ a month is removed does that mean I wont me able to use wireless internet even if I have a wireless modem connected to router 

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    If your router is wireless you are ok.If router is not wireless buy one.You can use modem/router from ISP. The company charges you for rent.

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  • VP
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    Wi-Fi is a function of the router.  If you supply your own router then YOU are responsible for buying a router WITH Wi-Fi capability.  Lucky for you, almost all home routers come with this feature now.  


    The next time you ask a question, please tell us the makes & models of the equipment you're talking about. It makes it easier to help you when we know what gear you're using!

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