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If a high school principal’s son (student) doesn’t have a prom date, is it pointless to rent a limo, since the principal is the chaperone?

His son was a nerd and social outcast who was not very popular, as so was his only friend at school.  As a result, they both went stag to the prom.  Should his father have rented a limo, or at least called a cab service to pick up/bring home his son and his best friend in a nice town car... as opposed to the principal driving his son and his son’s friend to the prom? In addition, wouldn’t it have made more sense for another faculty admin. to help chaperone the prom?  Keep in mind he didn’t just attend that school for grades 9 to 12, but pre-K to 12.  So he spent literally his entire education living under his father’s thumb in more ways than one.  Although, technically, his father was only the upper school principal (grades 7 to 12), which is not saying much, since he and his son were still in the same building for 14 years.   

I had a so-called “friend” in high school who forbid his sister (sophomore) from going to the prom with me when he found out she said “yes” to my asking.  NOT because I was a jerk (far from it, as I was a well-mannered and shy young man who was asking as a FRIEND), but because her brother didn’t like the idea of his sister attending the very last most special event of his childhood.  Of course, that is tame compared to your father chaperoning.  So, did the principal deprive his son of a normal childhood for a few hours (prom)?

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    To answer the only question I see here, No the son was not deprived of a normal childhood for a few hours Simply because he didn’t ride in a limo.

    At my kid’s high no one rented a limo. 

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    you have to ask that here? I cant really even see what you are asking with the story. Did he deprive anything? No.

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