How to keep loft with one window cool?


My bedroom is in a converted loft space and I'm looking for inexpensive ideas to help keep it cool. I have a small window in the ceiling and an open staircase with no door leading to the floor below. Where would be a good place to put a fan? Should I place it facing inwards at the window to suck cool air in? Or should I place it outwards to push hot air out? Or should I place it infront of the stairs to help drag air from downstairs upwards?

Should I invest in another fan? Any other ideas?

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  • 1 month ago
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    My brother and his wife had an attic loft that was there sons bedroom, they put a small window a/c unit in to cool the space. It was braced on the outside of the window to hold it up.   Fairly inexpensive and not hard to install.  

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  • 1 month ago

    The most effective way to cool a hot room is to remove the heat. That's how a central air system works. Since hot air rises and your room is at the top, you want to push that hot air out of the room. If it's cooler outside where you live, you could place a fan in the ceiling pulling the cooler air in and a second fan at your doorway pulling the hot air out.

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