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How do you deal with dishes if you are a lazy Student?

I recently moved out from my parents nest and while I love cooking and baking, cleaning it up afterwards is a nightmare, because I was pampered with a dish machine before and does not have place for one in my small apartment.

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    4 months ago
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    Cooking and baking are industrious, not lazy. Your problem isn't laziness but that you don't like to do dishes. Manage the dish situation by doing them as you go. If you incorporate washing dishes into your cooking and/or baking process, you'll find that the handful that remain when you're done aren't too overwhelming to do before going and relaxing after all that work.

  • 4 months ago

    You have to get into the habit of cleaning up immediately after each meal. 

  • Sandy
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    4 months ago

    there's a portable countertop dishwasher. look around.

  • Brian
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    4 months ago

    Order take out or buy pre-made food you heat up in a microwave. 

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