Seasonal to Permanent- Amazon Fulfillment Center ?

Hello everyone! I recently just got hired as a seasonal associate at a amazon fulfillment center. When I applied for my shift I put in that I wanted 36-40 hrs a week set schedule and a long term with them. I am getting 40 hrs a week Yet I am seasonal. What happens with seasonal employees will they make me permanent after a certain amount of time? Even tho I asked to be long term. Thank you.

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    Amazons sales went way up during covid. If they go down when life returns to normal, their sales may not call for all of the extra people they hired. Your best bet is to do a good job and tell your boss you want permanent. If you are head & shoulders above others, they will keep you even as they let others go or cut their hours.

    Similarly, I expect even bad employees are getting more hours because they are needed right now. 

    When I ran a pizza hut 30 years ago, good employees got more & more hours and bad ones got less. Nobody worked 40 for long. Overtime made me look bad to my bosses so even in good times I would only give 33-35 hours to my full timers. That way if they had to stay longer or come in for someone else one shift, it would not mean OT.

    Amazon is a little different but everybody wants good productive employees. Its not just Amazon. Walmart, Pizza Places and grocery stores all hired many more. If life goes back to normal, everyone's hours cannot stay the same. 

    All of those places will be cutting hours if & when sales go down.

    All employees hours are based on sales. Are you one of the best?  You have nothing to worry about. If not, you might. Ask your boss.

    But even if they love you if sales drop way off, they might have to cut the hours of even people they love. But realistically, those they do not love would be cut more or even laid off.  

    I had 2 guys that were just about worthless but they would come in when called. So  I never scheduled them and they would only work when I had nobody else.  One guy just could not make 4 pizzas without screwing one up. The other guy, I think he was high half the time. I called him in to do stuff like clean walls when the big bosses were coming soon.

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      Also, the seasonal tag may keep them from having to pay unemployment if they lay you off.

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