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Cosmetic dentistry. What is the best option for me? ?

When I was 14 I got braces because I had an impacted canine, they had to do surgery to pull it down as they said it wouldnt grow in on it’s own. I got them removed when I was almost 17 a bit earlier than I should have as I felt super insecure with the braces and the straightness of my teeth did not really bother me at the time. My teeth are almost straight, but the canine tooth is kind of twisted sideways and there’s is a gap between that tooth and the one next to it towards the back. Other than that, they are straight and white and I don’t really hate them but also the enamel seems thin and I am extremely bothered by the fact one side of my mouth has slightly longer/thicker teeth. My dentist told me he wouldn’t file them because he didn’t want to file over perfectly good enamel. This isn’t a major insecurity for me and I’m looking into cosmetic dentistry to fix it. I’m also concerned about cosmetic dentistry’s looking bulky (as my mom got vaneers/caps a while ago that really stick out. I wasn’t thinking I could fix the crooked canine with an implant, and get bonding on my other teeth to fix the minor shape issues? Is there any other/better options? Can you tell me about how much it would cost, us to for the the top 6 (maybe 8) teeth? 


Edit: I mean the to say this IS a major insecurity for me, not isn’t. 

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