Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome better?

I have been always using Google Chrome for everything I want to know. Then, one day my friend suggest me to use Mozilla Firefox and I try it, give it an update and BOOM. Mozilla Firefox felt really different than Google Chrome. I just want your opinion about this.

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  • 1 month ago

    Firefox began life as Netscape.  It was first major browser with a public release.  It predates Windows Internet Explorer.  And for much of its live was the best browser around.  Had some problems when it ended up in a law suit or the ownership of the browser, and Mozilla had to abandon the Netscape name and all its original code and create a whole new browser in Firefox.

    Is it better than Chrome?  Define "better."

    It is a very good browser.  But it has differences from IE, Edge and Chrome.  Only you can decide if those differences are "better."  It does most things the same as IE, Edge or Chrome.  It does some thing better.  It does some things worse.

    I use Firefox for one application that I use to access the controls for Virtual Machines that I support.  Firefox has build in features for running the app, where Chrome requires a plug that works about half the time.  But then I have to use Chrome to access the app for controlling the locks on all our doors because Firefox is not able to talk to them.  So for some things Firefox is better.  For some thing Chrome is better.

    The new version of Edge that has just been released is build on Chromium.  The same kernel used to build the Chrome browser.  It is replacing IE and the earlier version of Edge.  Between Chrome and Edge (assuming it picks up with IE and the old Edge currently have in market share), Chromium will account for nearly 90% of traffic on the Internet.  That means that more and more developers are going to customize their web sites and their apps to work with Chromium.  That is likely to hurt Firefox.

    But Firefox is an excellent browser.  I do use it sometimes.  I did use it exclusively when it was still Netscape (and before Chrome existed.)  But I am more likely to go to Chrome over Firefox.

    With the release of the new Edge it is quickly become the browser i use most simply because i am in an environment where all the computers I support are running Edge and do not have Chrome or Firefox on them.  So it makes sense for me to use the same program as everyone else so I see the same issues and performances as they do.

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